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Vervain (VVM049) was born in the Vivian on April 9, 200. His mother was Rhian and his father was a rover named Snert. His litter-mates were hsi two sisters named Velvet (VVF050) and Viv'e (VVF051) and one brother named Pantouffle(VVM052). At the time of their birth there mother had just taken dominance after the lost of her mother Vivian a few month prior. Vervain's was Rhian's first of many successful litters. All four pups were cared for and managed to survive through their first year without much difficulty. Dominant changed from their grandfather Stinker to Izit before almost all of the adult males took to roving and left the group. Stinker rejoined the group and took dominance again. In August 2001 Pantouffle  went roving with Kamaswami and joined the Lazuli Mob with BasilGovinda and Zazu. In the following a large number of Young Ones males made their way into the Vivian. The new males drove off the remaining males icluding Vervain and his younger half brother Deejay. They took to roving now that they were no longer welcome in the Vivian and met up with Izit and two Whiskers females. 


The meerkats set the foundation for the Gattaca. At first it was DeeJay who took the dominant male position but he was quickly ousted by Izit who was much older and had experience at dominance. The younger female named Wahine took dominance and gave birth to four pups. Soon Stinker joined the group and overthrow Izit, however he would take back dominance within a year. Vervain stayed out of the dominant struggles even when Wahine died and Risca became the dominant female. He remained with the Gattaca fortwo years before he, DeeJay, the two male pups from Wahine's litter BuckBeak and Severus Snape dispered from the group on October 5, 2003.


Vivian Mob

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