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Vivian Mob

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Date of Formation
Vivian, Keros, Arah and VDM008
Dominant Female(s)
Dominant Male(s)
Last Dominant Female
Last Dominant Male
Total Members
Last Vivian
Zaphod Passed Away March 4 2011

The Vivian Mob was founded In 1995. A female named Vivian who was the only tamed meerkat was released in the study site. Some Drie Doring males joined her but left. She produced a litter and managed to raise the pups. Some of the Drie Doring males returned and stayed with her. The new group was called Vivian after the dominant female. After the death of the first dominant male, a well known Young Ones male joined the group and held dominance until the death of Vivian. He remained in the group, but later emigrated to take dominance of Gattaca. Since 2000 the group had been led by Vivan's daughter Rhian and Jim Bob as the new dominant pair. Vivian males had joined the Whiskers, Gattaca and Balrog groups as well as formed many others over time. Vivian used to be a large mob growing larger with the litters of first Vivian and later her daughter Rhian's constant litters. However, the rise of tuberculosis in the group in 2007 brought the downfall of the great Vivian group. The disease hit the group hard killing the long term dominant male Jim Bob. Asriel, an adult female, died after. Then gradually there were up to five or six TB casualties a month. Despite the emigration of two wild males could not stop the decline of the Vivian. the Vivian group died off after 12 years of being one of the most famous KMP mobs, and one of the most successful. Vivan group was last seen in December 2007. Despite the loss of the Vivian many of the members emigrated or formed new groups making the Vivian the ancestors of many group including Whiskers, Young Ones, Gattaca, Lazuli, Rascals and Balrog. Many of these groups formed new mods continuing the Vivian blood-line. Some of the new mobs included the Aztecs, JaXX, Kung Fu, Commandos, Hoopla, Sequioa and Starsky. Zaphod the long-term dominant male of the Whiskers was the last born Vivian male.

Dominant Pair

The only female named Vivian was the first dominant female for the group with a Drie Doring males. One of the males VDM008 established dominance however the males soon left just before the birth of Vivian's first litter. However VDM008 returned and established dominance again. After a year later the Drie Doring male died, and two months later Young Ones male named Stinker emigrated into the group. He took dominance next to Vivian till her death in 2000. He left and took dominance in the Gattaca. Rhian, Vivian's daughter took dominance after her. A large group of Young Ones males joined the group, with several taking dominance untill finally, Jim Bob established dominance beside Rhian. Sadly both died of disease in 2007 after a successful reign. First Jim Bob succumbed to TB and his son Tonker became the dominant briefly. Soon however two wild males joined the group with Cyrano taking dominance till his disappearance in the later stages of TB. Two more wild males joined the group but disappear shortly after joining. Tonker reassumed the dominant male position when the Vivian was lost.

All Known Members

All meerkats born or emigrated into the Vivian



Vivian (VVF001)

Stinker (VYM005)

Silks (VVM001)

Captain Joans (VVM002)

Asphodel (VVF003)


Cascade (VVF005)



Sparkle (VVF007)


Izit and DeeJay

Splash (VVF009)

Froth (VVM010)

Gleam (VVF011)

River (VVM012)

Swirl (VVF013)

Rosemary (VVF014)

Basil (VVM015)



Izit (VVM021)

Imogen (VVF022)



Zazu (VVM027)

Humphry (VVM028)

Rhian (VVF029)

Rapunzel (VVF031)

Zaphod (VVM032)


Yossarian (VVM033)

Genghis (VVM035)

Attila (VVM036)

Alexander (VVM037)



Kamala (VVF039)


Govinda (VVM041)

Kamaswami (VVM042)

Yoda (VVM043)

Hong (VVF044)



Phooey (VVM046)



Vervain (VVM049)

Velvet (VVF050)

Viv'e (VVF051)

Pantouffle (VVM052)

Uacari (VVF053)

Colobus (VVM054)

Tarsier (VVM055)

Macaque (VVM056)

Mangabey (VVF057)

Patis (VVM058)

Sifaka (VVF059)

Kat (VVF06?)

Nourane (VVM06?)

Tyson (VVM06?)

DeeJay (VVM063)

Domino (VVM64)


Lynda (VVF066)

Sharpe (VVM067)

Creag Dubh (VVM068)


Megan (VVF070)

Pippin (VYM019)

Dorf (VYM024)

Moppet (VYM025)

Darwin (VYM031)

Jim Bob (VYM059)

Douglas (VYM061)

John Boy (VYM05?)

Jason (VYM05?)

Niko (VYM0??)

Hannibal (VVM071)

B.A. (VVM072)

Face (VVM073)

Murdock (VVM74)

Nyala (VVF075)

Kudu (VVM076)

Boba (VVM080)


Jabba (VVNM081)

Carett (VVF082)

Foxy Brown (VVF083)

Grandma Funk (VVF084)

Lisa Left Thing Lopez (VVF085)

Missy Misemeanour (VVF086)

Queen Latifa (VVF087)

Thingmibob (VVM088)

Busta Rover (VVM089)

Doorbee (VVM090)


Ghost Face Killah (VVF091)

Oogimflip (VVM092)

Roots (VVM093)

Method Men (VVM094)

Caffreys (VVF099)

Guiness (VVM100)

Newkie (VV?102)

Asriel (VVF103)


Lam Chop (VVF105)

Sharp Sharp (VVM106)

Judy (VVF107)

Richard (VVM108)

Daffyd (VVM109)

Marjorie Dawes (VVF110)

Emily Howard (VVM111)

Currey Fuzz (VVM113)

Tonker (VVM115)

Balders (VVM116)

Mr. Dynamite (VVM117)



Tomahawk (VVM119)

Spitfire (VVM120)

Odysseus (VVF121)

Hercules (VVM122)

Icarus (VVF123)

Calypso (VVF124)

Aphrodite (VVF125)

Bronco (VVM126)

Toots (VVF127)

Travs (VVM128)

Kaz (VVF129)

Ms. Jackie (VVF130)

Hindu Floaty Things (VVF131)

Mr. Chocolate (VVF132)

Hans Brix (VVM133)



Arec Barwin (VVM135)


Toolangi (VVF137)



Beowolf (VVM140)

Cyrano (VVM141)

Captain Jack (VVM142)

Didly-Bong (VVM143)

Meerdog (VVM144)

Vivian Foundation Mobs

During the Vivian's 12 year existence, a few splinter mobs were created by evicted females and roving males.

X-iles Mob was formed in 1997 by two Vivian Males and two Lazuli females. The group soon expanded with the immigration of Young Ones and later wild males while the Vivian males were roving. The group was lost in 2000.

Rascals Mob was founded in 1998 when four evicted Vivian females teamed up with five wild males. The group went on to become one of the longest surviving groups studied by the Kalahari Meerkat Project, having lasted nearly 20 years. The Rascals were lost to disease in 2017, making it the longest lasting Vivian splinter mob.

Nemesis Mob was a short-lived group formed in 1999 by evicted Vivian females and roving Young Ones males. The mob was lost later that year when the group left the study area but two of its females were later seen trying to join the Balrog.

QQ Mob was another short-lived group formed in late 2000 by four Young Ones female and two Vivian males. The two Vivian males later left to go roving and were replaced by two Lazuli males that had previously been a part of the Whiskers. After the dominant female was taken by a bird of prey, one of the two Lazuli males rejoined the Whiskers while the other was hit by a car in 2001, bringing an end to the QQ.

Gattaca Mob was formed in 2001 by two evicted Whiskers females and three Vivian males. After the second dominant female Risca passed away, none of the Gattaca females succeeded her, and the group dwindled. The Gattaca was finally lost in August 2007.

Xhosa Mob was formed in late 2002 when three evicted Lazuli females joined three Vivian males plus two wild males of unknown origin. After all the subordinates died, the dominant male took to roving and the Xhosa was eventually lost.


The Vivian lived near the Whiskers, Young Ones and Lazuli when they first formed. The Elveera, Gattaca and Balrog moved near the Vivian. All of their rivals later had Vivian males, or female join their groups. The Vivian also lived near the Rascals in 2004 but that group moved away from the Vivian and were no longer their rivals.

Meerkat Manor

Vivian as the Commandos on Meerkat Manot

The Vivian were featured in Meerkat Manor as the feared "Commandos". The Vivian played the Commandos for season 2 and 3. Rhian played baby-eater Nikita while Jim Bob played one-eye Hannibal. Jim Bob's brother Douglas played Ozzy. They were first seen and the new kids on the block, thought they had been around for a awhile. They first encountered the Lazuli, who had just lost their dominant male. They located the babysitting burrow where young pups Bubble and Squeak were being babysat by young female Maryline. The Vivian attacked and chased away Maryline. Rhian went down the burrow and drug Bubble up. They managed to kill Bubble but the Lazuli returned and chased away the Vivian before they could kill Squeak and Maryline. Later the Vivian ecountered the Whiskers who had split and trapped them below group. They kept having encounters with the Whiskers in the show. The only other group they encounter was the Lazuli in the begining. During Season 4, the real Commandos play themselves since Whisker males join their group. The Vivian made the Commandos famous however.