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Wahine(VWF019) was born on December 21, 1999, into a group of meerkats called the Whiskers. Her parents were the dominant pair of the Whiskers, Holly and Argon. She was born with three brothers named Tama(VWM020), Rangi(VWM021), and Orgali(VWM022). All four pups made it through their first year. In September 1999, Holly sadly died, and Wahine's older cousin Risca took over as the new dominant female in the group. Most of the males roved, and in that time, a large group of Vivian males immigrated. Risca gave birth, but her litter was lost, and she was overthrown by Vialli. Vialli started to evict females from the group, starting with Risca, and after her, Vialli then ousted Wahine. The two Whisker females met up and joined three Vivian males.


The small group stayed together and was officially called Gattaca. The former dominant male of the Whiskers named Izit established male dominance. Wahine was younger than Risca by several months, but Risca was weak from the fight with Vialli, so Wahine ousted her older cousin and took the dominant female position. Wahine soon gave birth to BuckBeak(VGGF001), Mad Eye Moody(VGGF002), Severus Snape(VGGM003), Sirius Black(VGGM004), and possibly Mr. Wendell(VGGM068) on November 21, 2001. Despite the mob being so small with only five adults, all four (or five) pups survived. Wahine held onto her position as dominant female and led the group until February 2002. While out foraging, Wahine was attacked and carried of by a martial eagle, leaving Risca as dominant female.


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