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Wawa(VLM098) was born in the Lazuli on September 16, 2004. His mother was Cazanna and his father was Basil. His litter-mates were his one sister Phia(VLF100) and one brother Shoy(VLM099). They survived to adulthood. He started to babysit and take to roving with some of the other males. In 2006, when Wawa was almost two years old, he went roving along with his litter-mate brother Shoy and older brother JD.


The Lazuli males then joined two Young Ones females and one pup. They stayed together and formed the PQ. JD took dominance along with Tequila. None of the female were able to get pregnant so the males had no reason tostay. Then tuberculosis hit the group and first Phalanges Paah, the other Young Ones female, died of TB. Wawa sadly contracted the disease and died of TB on August 19, 2006. JD, Shoy and the Young Ones' pup Shady left the PQ since Tequila disappared. The males joined some evicted females and formed a new group called the Starsky, but the disease had followed them there as well. Tequila later reappared with a wild meerkat named Wildkat and joined the Balrog and with that the PQ was lost.


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