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Wawel(VJXM093) was born into the JaXX Mob in April 2016. His mother was Baloo and his father was an unknown rover, possibly Sachin. He had three litter-mates Nezumi(VJXF094), Polon(VJXM095) and Myt(VJXF096). Wawel went roving for the first time in June at the young age of just three months old. Wawel continued to rove often and in January 2017 he was absent. The next month he, and roving males Guinnes and Yoda were all Last Seen.


Wawel and Yoda would reappear in May 2017. They were found with formerly Last Seen Van Helsing females Spirit Bird and June along with several juveniles and a wild male VYEM001. This group was named the Yetis. Yoda and Frankie sadly succumbed to TB the same month they were found. VYEM001 took dominance while Wawel continued to rove. The group was unable to produce any litters and dwindled due to TB. In December 2017 the group only consisted of Wawel, VYEM004, VYEM001, and VYEF005. Wawel left the group with VYEM004 and since Wawel was the only collared meerkat the remaining two meerkats were lost. 

Storm Troopers

Wawel and VYEM004 joined the Storm Troopers whose two males were gone roving. Wawel's time in the group was not long because the same month as he joined, December, he was found dead due to TB.