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Wildkat(VBF076) was born in a wild mob maybe the Abba. Her mother was a wild meerkat maybe the dominant female. Her father was either the dominant male or a wild rover. Her father might have been a KMP meerkat rover. It is unknown what or who was her mob or parents. Wildkat lived in her wild mob for a few years then she was evicted by the dominant female. She then teamed up with a Young Ones female named Tequila. She was the dominant female of the lost PQ mob. The two females stayed together and came arcoss another mob. This group was the Balrog. The two females trailed the mob and were allowed to join the group by Mussolini the dominant female. The Balrog were low in numbers by then. Wildkat was given an ID code for the Balrog. She was the last meerkat to have the Balrog's B in her ID code. TB hit the group killing a few members. Mossulini's litter was lost and a female named Audrey died of TB. The dominant male Boba was predated. After Owlet, Twilight and dominant female Mussolini died of TB. Then there were only three members left, Woody, Wildkat and Tequila. Sadly Tequila died of TB. Wilkat and Woody disappeared and the Balrog was lost in 2007.


Balrog Mob

Abba Mob

Tequila Young Ones