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Wiley Kat Whiskers

Wiley Kat Whiskers(VWF104).jpg

Date of Birth
January 29, 2006
Date of Death
May 14, 2008
Cause of Death
Killed by Vehicle
No surviving offspring
Known For
Forming a group for a short period.
Also Known As
Millie as a pup on Meerkat Manor


Wiley Kat(VWF104) was born into the Whiskers on the 29th of January 2006. Her mother was Flower and her father was Zaphod. She was born in a litter of three pups, her litter-mates being a brother Panthro(VWM102) and a sister Cheetara(VWF103). She and her litter-mates were the eleventh surviving litter born to Flower in the Whiskers. Wiley Kat and her siblings survived to adulthood. When Wiley Kat was about a year and a half old, Flower died on the 25th of January 2007 and her older half-sister Rocket Dog took over the position of dominant female. She evicted a number of Wiley Kat's sisters, including Cheetara, who formed the Baobab. Her litter-mate brother Panthro soon left the Whiskers with some of the other roving males and joined the Commandos, while Wiley Kat stayed in the Whiskers. Rocket Dog failed to produce any litters that survived during that period of time, although Wiley Kat and her sister Ella were successful in bearing young. Soon after Rocket Dog produced her first surviving litter of two pups, Nugget and Beaker, Wiley Kat was evicted alongside Ella and her other sibling Amira, as all were expecting. The father of her young was unknown, but was presumed to be either Homestar Runner or Philippe, both being of the Young Ones. During her juncture of eviction, Wiley Kat gave birth to a litter of stillborn pups. She and Ella eventually made it back to the Whiskers, and Ella gave birth to her first known litter of three pups. In May of 2008, Wiley Kat's body was found dead on the main road.

Meerkat Manor

Wiley Kat was featured on Meerkat Manor late in season 2 as a pup called Millie with her litter-mates Shelly(Cheetara) and Bing/Panthro(Panthro). She was seldom mentioned. Then in season 4, Wiley Kat played as herself. She fell pregnant to an unknown rover and, in the defense of her own litter, evicted Sophie(Ella). However, Rocket Dog later evicted Wiley Kat for insubordination. Pregnant Wiley Kat, who was in shock, submitted to Sophie, apparently apologizing for her actions. Sophie accepted the apology and the pair quickly join up with two rovers, Wilson(Homestar Runner) and Philippe(Philippe). Unfortunately, the boys left the group in search of other females whilst Wiley Kat was still heavily pregnant. Sophie was also expecting a litter. Later on in the series, evicted Sophie rejoined the Whiskers, where she gave birth to three pups, but Wiley Kat had simply disappeared.


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