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Willy in the Baobab

Willy(VVHM089) was born in January 2015 into the Van Helsing Mob. His mother was either Egg the dominant female or subordinate female Theo. He had three other litter-mates, Bear(VVHF088), Frankie(VVHF089) and June(VVHF090). They all survived their first few weeks. Sadly, Bear would be the first of Willy's litter-mates to die, after being evicted at the young age of just three months old she was sadly predated. Willy and his two remaining sisters would all survive to adulthood. In May 2016 Willy went roving with several other adult males, they would all be absent.


Willy would be the only one to reappear. He made his way into the Baobab Mob and took dominance next to Amarula. Almost all males had left the group making Willy's infaltration easy. Amarula gave birth to his first known litter VBB?125, VBB?126, VBB?0127 and VBB?0128. All pups would survive their first few months and Amarula would mother several more of his pups to. Willy sadly passed away from TB alongside the dominant female Duchess Koloratura in January 2018.