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Wilson(VCDM026) was born in the Commandos on August 10, 2006. His mother was Zorilla and his father was Aragorn. His litter-mates were Seraina(VCDF027), Max(VCDM028), Moritz(VCDM029) and Samba(VCDF030). He lived his whole life in the Commandos. His father died leaving his mother without a mate. Ketamine, his older brother, took over as dominant male. Wilson died in June 9, 2007. In Octorber five Whiskers males emigrated into the group kicing out his brothers Ketamine, Flash, Jasper, Hector, Danger Wank, Baldersnatch and Moritz. Whiskers male Zarathustra established domiance next to Zorilla.

Meerkat Manor

Wilson was not the Wilson seen in Meerkat Manor. That Wilson was played by his older brother Drew in the third season. In the fourth season Wilson was played by Homestar Runner, a Young Ones male. Zarathustra(Zorro) wouldn't let Wilson rejoined the Commandos in season four since Homestar Runner and Philippe weren't even Commandos to begin with. Zorilla played Nikita in season four while in the 3th season Nikita was played by Rhian a Vivian female and Hannibal was played by her mate Jim Bob.


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