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Wollow Whiskers

Wollow Whiskers(VWM105).jpg

Formerly of the Lazuli
Date of Birth
February 24, 2006
Date of Death
September 2011
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Known For
Overthrowing Machu Pichu, only to be overthrown by Rufus
Also Known As
A snake bite survivor


Wollow(VWM105) was born on February 24, 2006, into the Whiskers family. His mother was Mozart, and his father was Bobby Lazuli. He was born with three litter-mates: his two sisters named Miss Lily The Pink(VWF106) and Ju Drop(VWF107) and one brother named Karim(VWM108). They were Mozart's second surviving litter despite her not being the dominant female. Sadly, Wollow's mother Mozart was eventually evicted and later died in early 2007. But Wollow and his litter-mates remained in the Whiskers and survived to adulthood. In October 2007 Wollow went roving for the first time. A month later he and an older male called Ningaloo left the Whiskers. The males teamed up with a pair of females and three other males to form a new group called Kung Fu. But within the month Wollow returned to Whiskers. In June 2008 he went roving again along with Machu PichuRhogan Josh, Rufus, and Axel.


The five males joined the Lazuli while the five eldest adult Lazuli males were off roving. Machu Pichu took dominance of the Lazuli beside Young, but he was quickly overthrown by Wollow. Even though Young was Wollow's cousin the pair still reproduced. Wollow became unusually aggresive towards the other Whiskers males and often chased Machu Pichu away from the group. Eventually Machu Pichu and Rhojan Josh left the group due to Wollow's violent behaviour. In November 2008 Young gave birth to Wollow's first known litter of pups. By August 2009 Rufus was the only Whiskers male remaining under Wollow. Whenever Rufus returned from roving Wollow would attack him. In early 2010 Wollow was bitten by a snake. In his weakened state Rufus overthrew Wollow and became the dominant male. The fight, along with the snake bite, left Wollow scarred for life. However, he managed to survive the ordeal. In June 2010 Rufus evicted Wollow from the group and did not return until a month later. During his time as a subordinate Wollow frequently went roving. But then in June 2011 he challenged Rufus for dominance. While the two males were sparing Eigg took over as the dominant male. A month later Rufus emerged as the winner of the fight and Eigg submitted to him. Wollow was once again left badly wounded. He was absent from the group at the end of that month and was sadly considered Last Seen in September 2011. He had been Mozart’s last surviving offspring. Wollow's son Brea later went on to become the dominant male of the Whiskers and he has several grandchildren living in the mob today.

Wollow after he was overthrown by Rufus


Mother: Mozart

Father: Bobby

Siblings: Miss Lilly The Pink, Ju Drop and Karim

Grandmother: Flower and Cazanna

Grandfather: Zaphod and Basil

Great-Grandmother: Holly, Ziziphus and Vivian

Great-Grandfather: Kine, Belgarion, Phoenix and Stinker

Great-Great-Grandmother: Morgause, Venus, Tenuvial and Morgause

Great-Great-Grandfather: Keros, VAM002, VPM003 and Arah

Wollow as the dominant male


First litter born on November 11, 2008, mothered by Young

Toppen (VLF145) Deceased, died in July 2011.

Kuhglocken (VLM146) Last Seen, disappeared in November 2010

Snowy (VLM147) Last Seen in November 2015, former dominant male of the Cave Men and Whiskers

Soul Hudson (VLM148) Last Seen in March 2011.

Franz (VLM149) Last Seen, disappeared in June 2012.

Second litter born on January 29, 2009, mothered by Young

Sammy Jo (VLF150) Last Seen, Disappeared in October 2010

Finnlex (VLM151) Died of unknown causes in January 2016, former dominant male of the Zulus

Bernie (VLF152) Died of unknown causes in January 2016, former dominant female of Nematoads

Chuck Norris (VLM153) Last Seen, disappeared in March 2011.

Old Greg (VLM154) Deceased, died in November 2009

Rufio (VLM155) Last Seen in November 2015, former dominant male of the Whiskers

Third Litter born on September 15, 2009, mothered by Young

VLM156, Deceased, predated in in June 2010

Brea (VLM157) Still Alive, former member of Cave Men, current dominant male of the Whiskers.

Griene Tsiis (VLF158) Last Seen in October 2013

Grutte Pier (VLF159) Deceased, died in July 2010

Fourth Litter born on December 4, 2009 mothered by Young

Mayer (VLF164) Last Seen in October 2013

Murray (VLF165) Deceased, died in May 2010

Rice (VLM166) Last Seen in October 2012

Mauer (VLF67) Last Seen in October 2013

Viking (VLM168) Last Seen, disappeared in 2010


Whiskers Mob

Lazuli Mob

Mozart Whiskers