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Woody(VBM067) was born into the Balrog Mob on September 17, 2006. His mother was Mussolini and his father was Boba. He was born with two litter-mate sisters named Owlet(VBF068) and Twilight(VBF069) and another sibling VBP070 who died as a pup. Woody and his two remaing litter-mates survived their first few weeks. Woody's parents were the dominant pair of the group so the very few adutls took good care of him and his two sisters. Sadly disease had been plagueing the Balrog for years and in Janaury 2007, Woody's sister Twilight succumbed to the disease along with adult male Basta and two other Balrog meerkats. The group was brought down to nine animals in the Balrog. Adult female Audrey gave birth on Janaury 31, 2007 but her litter was killed by the Vivian Mob. Woody was five months old so there was nothing he or any of his family coudl do. Mussolini gave birth to four pups in February by this litter was lost along with Audrey from an unknown reason. Woody's father Boda was killed by a bird of prey in March 2007. Then two unrelated adult females were able to join the group, Wildkat and Tequila. Disease took the remaining members including Woody's mother Mussolini and his last litter-mate sister Owlet. The group fell to just two members after Wildkat died of TB. A month later Woody was seen acting as the dominant male, was a young sub-adult at eight months. Woody was left with Young Ones female Tequila. He was unrelated to Tequilla but too young to mate with her. Sadly their chance to rebuild the Balrog was lost when Tequilla died on July 4, 2007. Woody disappeared soon after this because Tequilla had the radio collar. He was not able to be relocated and probably took to roving and joined another group or was predated. It is unknown if Woody had tuberculosis like the rest of the group but he could have survived. Woody was the last Balrog born meerkat alive. Woody was probably Last Seen around the same time as Tequila died in July 2007. Woody could still be alive today, speading the Balrog blood line


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