X-iles Mob

The X-iles Mob was formed in 1997 by two Lazuli females and Vivian males. The group soon expanded with the immigration of Young Ones and later wild males while the Vivian males were roving. After several dominance changes within the group and alot of roving, the wild males ousted the Vivian males, one of which showed sighns of tuberculosis. By the following year in 1998 most of members died from disease and a few splinters were no longer followed after 1999. However one of the Young Ones males was seen with wild meerkats, possibly the remainer of the X-iles in mid 2000, this group was never follower however.

Dominant Pair

When X-iles was started,  VLF005 became the dominant female and Captain Joans took dominance. However he was probably ousted by Young Ones males, and the oldest of the Young Ones males Morris probably became the dominant male. After wild males joined the group, one of them took dominance but soon new the males showed signs of disease. All the members would succumb to it a year later including VLF005.

All Known Members

A list of meerkats born or joined the X-iles.



Captain Joans (VVM002)

Morris (VYM004)








Wild males

Unknown number of pups


Sometime in late 1997: VLF004 and VLF005 joined Captain Jones and other Vivian males formed the X-iles. However the Vivian males soon left, Captain Jones helped for the Harley Mob. Later Morris and VYM007, VYM009 and VYM018 joined the group followed by Wild males. One of the wild males showed signs of diseased. VLF005 became the dominant female. Morris became the dominant male but was outsed by a wild male.

October 1999: VLF005 disappeared. Morris died from TB.

December 1999: VLF004, VYM007 and VVM0?? disappeared. X-iles was no longer followed with most of the members shown signs of disease, several splinters groups formed but were not follow. , however the splinter groups were observed and occasionally one of the founding meerkats.

September 2000: VYM018 was seen with wild meerkats, possibly the remainer of the X-iles, but disappeared. Wild group was never followed.

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