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Yeca Rascals

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Formerly of the Rascals
Date of Birth
November 15, 2002
Date of Death
July 1, 2007
Cause of Death
Coati Rascals, Blondie Racsals, Tooey Rascals, Islay Rascals...etc...etc...
Known For
Dominant Female of the Rascals
Also Known As
Taking dominance at 11 months old

Yeca(VRRF057) was born on November 15, 2002 in the Rascals. Her mother was Splash and her father was Kine. Her litter-mates are unknown. Yeca's mother Splash died on December 8, 2003 and the dominant male was predated. Yeca was 11 months old when she took over as dominant female after her mother. The group had dwindled in numbers over those few the months before Yeca had taken dominance and were down to seven meerkats, all of which were under 18 months old. A wild male named Spofi joined the group and took male dominance beside Yeca. Soon afterwards, Yeca started to produce litters. On February 18, 2004 Yeca gave birth to her first litter; VRRF76 and Coati. Later that year on November 13, 2004 she gave birth to Shnoobkat. It is unknown if there were any other pups in the litter. Gradually the Rascals started to regain their numbers due to Yeca's successive breeding. On April 2, 2005 Yeca gave birth to Skowdnee, Blondie, Darg, Fool and Field. Yeca gave birth to VRRP091, Jackson, Jammy B and Tooey three months later on July 7. Then on December 14, 2005, Yeca gave birth to two pups named Freya and Shelley. On March 13, 2006 Yeca gave birth to Bob, Skanks, Sheenanigan and Helsbels. Yeca gave birth to her seventh litter on September 18, 2006, the pups were called Skye and Islay. On February 8, 2007, Yeca gave birth to her last litter of pups; Nelly and VRRP105.  The following month VRRP105 was sadly predated. Later in June, Nelly was also predated. The following month on the 1st of July, Yeca was sadly predated. She had been the dominant female for approximately three and a half years. After Yeca's death, Spofi went roving and was Last Seen while Yeca's daughter Blondie took over as the new dominant female.


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