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Zola Whiskers
Formerly of the Hobgoblin
Date of Birth
July 14, 1999
Date of Death
March 30, 2002
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Holly and Argon
Vialli, VWP013 and Dennis Wise
Known For
Dominant Female of the Hobgoblin
Also Known As
Vialli's sister


Zola(VWF011) was born on July 14, 1999 in the Whiskers. Her mother and father were the dominant pair fo the Whiskers Holly and Argon. Zola was born in an average litter of four pups, her litter-mates were Vialli(VWF012), VWP013, and Dennis Wise(VWM014). Sadly VWP013 disappeared shortly after the pups started forgaing. The Whiskers were a small group and Zola's litter was the first Holly ever successuflly raised to adulthood. As an adult female, Zola started to help out more with the pups. She wasn't evicted often, and avoided getting pregnant. In September 2000 Holly gave birth to a new litter and eleven days later she was predated. Zola competed for dominance but was only a year old, she wa sno match for Risca who became the new dominant female. Argon later left the group and died leaving Beetle as the new dominant male. Zola did not mate with any rovers. In June all the Whisker males had taken to roving and eleven rovers from the Vivian managed to join the group. Risca started to evicted females and Zola and Aramis were evicted.


Zola and Aramis met up with the displace Whisker males and formed the Hobgoblin Mob. Being older Zola established dominance beside ex-dominant male Beetle. The Whisker males stayed with the females until September before they left the mob when one of the female got pregnant. Zola and Aramis were no longer followed however in 2002 they were seen in the compony of some Balrog rovers. Zola was still acting as the dominant female and both she and Aramis were pregnant. Then the Balrog males disappeared, leaving Zola and Aramis to raise their litters without male helpers. A group of wild males soon joined the Hobgoblin, one of the wild males took dominance beside Zola. Then in March 30, 2002 the Hobgoblin was considered Last Seen after the lost of the dominant pair.


Whiskers Mob

Hobgoblin Mob