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Zulus Mob

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Date of Forming
April 2010
Shaka Zulu and 18 wild meerkats
Dominant Female(s)
Ocho Niple, VZUF003 and Poma
Dominant Male(s)
Current Dominant Female
Current Dominant Male
Number of Members
Pregnant Meerkat(s)
Evicted Meerkat(s)
Roving Meerkat(s)
Absent Meerkat(s)

The Zulus Mob was formed by 19 meerkats in April of 2010. For the first few months the dominant pair was unknown, but one meerkat was more tolerant of humans than the other wild meerkats. It was soon discovered that this meerkat was Shaka Zulu who had been born in the Lazuli, and helped form the Hoppla, before he disappeared in late 2008, probably joining this wild group. The group was encountered in late 2009 but not followed until 2010. The dominant female was discovered to be Ocho Niple, a female with eight instead of six nipples. In early 2013, dominant male Shaka Zulu disappeared after being bitten by a snake leaving behind a semi-habituated mob. By late 2013, several of the males left the group and were replaced by a group of Lazuli males. The group then was headed by Finnlex and VZUF003, however in December 2013 Ocho Niple returned to the group and reclaimed dominance. A month later Cagliostro became the dominant male. Cagliostro was lost in a group split and the group dwindled to 3, though dominants Palestrina and Poma seem set to bring this group back to its former strength

Dominant Pair

For the first few months, the dominant pair was unknown. Then in July 2010 it was discovered that long lost Shaka Zulu was the dominant male. The dominant female was discovered in October 2010 and named Ocho Niple. In April 2013, Shaka Zulu went missing after he was bitten by a snake and was Last Seen. In September, 2013 a large coalition of Lazuli males made their way into the group and the oldest Finnlex became the dominant male. In October 2013 VZUF003 became the new dominant female after Ocho Niple was overthrown and evicted from the group. Ocho Niple reclaimed dominance in December 2013. That same month Gobolino became the new dominant male. In January 2014 Cagliostro became the new dominant male however in early 2016 the group fragmented and could not be tracked. Four Zulus meerkats were found again in the company of a Lazuli male, three Quintessentials males and four wild males, led by Poma

Current Members

Zulus have 8 members as of February 2019 

Poma (VZUF007) Dominant Female

Palestrina (VLM211)  Dominant Male







+ unknown number of pups.


The Zulus' territory was near the old Hoppla, but it is unknown if they ever had an encounter with them. Their rivals are the LazuliBaobab and Quintessentials. In late 2014 the Nematoads also became their rivals. In 2015 the High Voltage became their rivals. However, the High Voltage was lost and they have had a lack of encounters with other mobs since early 2016.